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Thoughts on COVID-19

I wanted to give you my thoughts regarding the current fear epidemic we are right in the middle of.

What I am about to say will likely upset some, but will resonate with most of you.

I do believe the Coronavirus is a real virus that causes disease and even death. I certainly believe we need to take this virus seriously.

What I do not believe is the fear and hysteria that is crippling our economy and worst yet, crippling the positive beliefs of so many of us.

Regardless of how you think we should or could be handling this situation (and I do believe we are going about it the wrong way), I think you can agree that the very best way to protect yourself is to have the strongest immune system possible.

We cannot run away and isolate from viruses. It is impossible. I believe we should be treating corona like we used to handle chickenpox long ago. Whenever someone contracted chickenpox, there used to be family and community chicken pox parties so that children could get exposed to the virus. By exposing the population to the virus, we rendered it less virulent.

What we are attempting to do now, by isolating and insulating ourselves from it will likely make this virus more virulent and when it comes back again (and it surely will), it will cause more disease and more deaths.

Remember, once you are exposed to a virus, you build antibodies to that virus and you cannot contract the virus again. You can certainly contract variant strains, but not the specific strain you make antibodies to.

Speaking of antibodies, what is our immune system anyway? We keep hearing about it, but what really does it do for us?

To keep this discussion simple, our immune system is a complicated web of cellular communications that alerts itself whenever danger is suspected.

This danger can come from the outside: viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc OR it can come from the inside: cancer, misfiring of antibodies, food, thoughts.

Yes, I did say thoughts. That negative narrative inside your head is as lethal as any virus.

Another job of our immune system is to identify “dead” tissue (all of our cell lines turn over) from vital tissue and help clear that tissue from our system. Autoimmune diseases are characterized by our immune system misfiring and attacking vital tissue instead of dead tissue.

Whether the “threat” is from the outside OR the inside, our immune system can only be strengthened from within. Yes, the armor we use to protect ourselves is the armor we create, not armor we are given to wear.

Now, there are lots of different ways one can help make their immune system more vital:

• thinking positive thoughts (this may be the very key to all of it)

• Taking immune-boosting supplements (Vitamin C, Selenium, Vitamin A, Royal Jelly)

• Exercising and moving

• Eating foods you enjoy

• Drinking the best water (Quinton Marine Plasma, Deuterium Depleted Water, Mineral water)

• Injecting immune amplifying peptides (LL37, Thymosin Alpha 1, Selank, TB-500)

• Receiving immune-strengthening nutrients via IV (NAD+, IV Ozone, High dose Vitamin C, Glutathione)

• Getting high quality, restful sleep

• Balancing and optimizing hormones (testosterone, cortisol, progesterone, estrogen, etc)

• Modulating stress through contemplative exercises (prayer, meditation, journaling)

• Many others

My point here is that for any of us to optimize our immune system takes a deliberate and consistent approach to their life that incorporates all of the above.

You absolutely know and understand that isolating yourself or waiting for a vaccine will NOT help you achieve this goal. It absolutely cannot help you bolster your immune system today and certainly cannot help you handle any future threats. And yes, there will always be threats to our immune system.

My bottom line is this: use this forced pause in your life to understand and appreciate that in order to be at your best, you need to work every day, practicing for that outcome.

You do NOT need to embrace fear.

But you can always embrace abundance. We all have the tools we need to better ourselves and to make our armor as strong as possible. Lean in to that notion. Make an action plan so that you practice and train every day to be the best you.

It starts with believing you are invincible.

And I believe and trust we all truly are.

I ask that you also share this post with as many people as possible whether you think they want to hear this or not. The more people we get to rally behind themselves, the better. The more people who are believing in themselves, the better. The more people who want to embrace abundance and positivity, the better.

Yes, we are all in this together, so lets rally each other to support each other as positively and abundantly as possible.

PS: There seems to be an association between severity of Coronavirus and Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) use so for now, it is best to stay off those types of meds (NSAIDs)

PPS: Very limited data seems to suggest the fastest resolution to symptoms when people take a combination of prescription Hydroxychloroquine (an anti-malarial agent) plus Azithromycin (commonly known as a Zpak).

As such, we will be making this combo available for our patients to purchase from us to have on hand.

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