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...Extending Healthspan and Lifespan

Shangri-la Longevity has emerged from the coalescing of the passion of a life-long bio-hacker and a committed biological dentist who are determined to provide alternative protocols and make available resources to both increase your lifespan and improve your current quality of life on every level.


It is our heartfelt understanding that both your quality of life and your long term lifespan are intrinsically linked and we seek to highlight the extent that one's mental state, the feelings and emotions have a very real effects on the state of the physical body. Our methodologies reflect the latest global trends in the field of longevity and bio-dynamics and as such we see ourselves on an evolutionary, experimental paths where new discoveries and treatments are continuously being made available and our approaches are evolving.


On a very fundamental level though, we deeply believe that every person has to take responsibility for their own well-being and hence can truly only heal themselves. It is our mission and our privilege to provide information and make available resources to help you on your journey of optimizing your life experience.


We have borrowed and combined various approaches from general practitioners specializing in holistic health and wellness, biological dental care practitioners, yoga, meditation and nutritional analysis, genomics and life coaching to give you the best advice possible.


We are here to learn, grow and heal with you.

Meditation by the Sea

Gutandbrain axis

Researchers have identified very strong connection between the gut and the brain. Just like the brain, the gut walls and the lining of the intestine is a dense network of nerves. Many of the major nerves that originate in the cranuim have numerous nerves ending in the digestive track.

When individual experiences stress, the body will release cortisol, adrenalin and nor-adrenalin that will effect unfavourably all digestive processes in the GI tract. Long term exposure to stress can negatively effect intestinal flora balances and over time result in poor digestion as well as absorbtion of nutrients. The resultant nutritional deficiencies will than in turn result in poor synthesis of neurotransmitters that may lead to increased neurological issues and worsening stress.

This is where intravenous nutrition can play essential part on overall health restoration. Bypassing the GI tract, we can dramatically improve the nutritional status of individuals that will make them more able to come with stress and will allow the GI to regenerate so that in turn it functions far more effective as nutrient absorbtive surface in future.

IV nutrition and NAD+ supplementation go hand in hand to improve resistance to stress and help the restoration of the GI tract from oral microbiome to the gut.

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