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Oral Health as Indicator of Overall Health

Updated: May 17, 2020

When a client arrives for an initial dental check up and I do a thorough clinical and radiological examination I can also easily identify the general health status and any pathologies, even house not strictly dentaly related of my patients.

I can identify pre-cancerous lesions in the GI tract, anaemia, malnutrition, jaundice or hormonal imbalance and fungal or parasitic infections that may be effecting the individual to name just a few.

The mucosa lining the mouth is the index of the musosal surfaces throughout the body. It is like a snapshot of what is going on in the rest of teh patients physiognomy that an experienced dentist can decipher like a map.

We can diagnose reversible infection of the gum (gingivitis), the infection if untreated can progress into the supporting tooth structure (parodontosis). White patches on the mucosa that cannot be removed (leukoplague) can be precancerous lesion or even cancer lesions. Avitaminosis especialy lack of Vitamin C can be identified as bleeding gums. Localized and generalize mycotic infections can be identified as white patches on the mucosa that can be detatched unlike the pre-cancerous lesions. Tensions or spams in the facial muscles in turn reveal clenching or grinding of teeth, especially during the night, that can result in serious myofacial pain and even cranial migraines. Hepatitis or viral infections such as Herpes virus oreven HIV or other diseases that can be clearly decoded from the examination of the mouth.

I have treated clients who had been suspected of suffering from brain tumours because of their chronic headaches that we later found were a result of dental infection. Once we solved the dental infection and manufactured a bite plate all pain dissapeared.

Acid reflux from tummy, malabsorbtion of nutrients, fluorosis and tetracycline discoloration due to intake of high dosage of Tetracycline or fluor at a developmental stage of tooth all leave permanent marks in oral cavity that an experienced dentist can identify and treat for the underlying sympthoms as well. Most of these indications when addressed in time can prevent more serious problems from developing.

This is where a good biological dentist can play a crucial role in optimizing the overall health of the patient. In turn failure to identify these issue can mean that not only the oral health but allow more serious pathologies in the rest of the anatomy to develop.

Regular dental check up is very important key not only in arresting the progress of dental cavities but also in the early detection of serious medical problems.

We recommend regular 6 monthly dental check up. If you are pregnant you should in fact see your dentist MORE not LESS often and children should see a dentist for the first time certainly by the age of 3 when they get their first set of milk teeth. To say the least it is essential to develop the habit and get used to doctors examining their mouth so they do not develop life-long phobia and anxiety from dental surgeries.

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